Misfits and Rejects

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In Episode 1 you'll hear about John McGlynn. He's designed his dream life for in Chile where he consults South American governments on how they can utilize tidal energy to power their countries. He also loves to surf and in between his short work trips he is surfing the long left points Chile has to offer.

In Episode 2 I sat with with Carly Fox. She is one of the most switched on people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Through the practice of yoga and the power of staying present she has helped create one of the most influential surf/yoga retreats in Central America, Papa Wellness.

In this episode you'll hear from India Reinartz. She is the founder of Papaya Wellness a surf, yoga retreat business based in Nicaragua.

In this episode you'll hear how Dale Dagger shipwrecked in Nicaragua with no money and slowly build a successful real estate business over the next 20 years. Enjoy!