Misfits and Rejects

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recommended episodes


Episode 10

In Episode 010 I talked about the creation of Misfits and Rejects, why I called my podcast Misfits and Rejects and my life before Misfits and Rejects. Enjoy!



In Episode 008 I sat down with Donna Cuthbert. She found it hard to make the initial jump to start traveling the way she really wanted. When she made the decision it was based on a basic trust that humanity is predominantly good natured. With that frame of mind she set out on many adventures that would test her mentally, physically and emotionally. From hitchhiking around Africa, riding horses across Mongolia to bicycling to South American from California. She was wonderful to talk to because she's just a ordinary girl from London. Enjoy!


Episode 004

In Episode 004 I sat down with Dale Dagger. He is a surf pioneer and all around legend in Nicaragua. He felt the American dream wasn't for him and set sail in the 70's. After sailing the Pacific for years he found himself shipwrecked and broke in Nicaragua during the 90's. Instead of heading back to the states he decided to stay and through sheer grit and ingenuity created a small but respectable real estate empire for himself. Enjoy!