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M&R Episode 152: How to OverCome limiting beliefs, negative self talk and the feeling that life isn't worth living anymore with Josh Knutti.


In Episode 152 I sat down with Josh Knutti. Josh is the creator and host of the OverComing You Podcast. His mission is to bring awareness to negative self-talk and the feeling that life isn’t worth living anymore. Josh himself is an Overcomer and survivor of a suicide attempt. He found himself in a very dark place with the overwhelming feeling that he was a burden on everyone around him. His story is not just about overcoming the internal darkness but how to grow something beautiful and fruitful from the ashes of your darkest moment. Josh’s podcast is growing at a meteoric rate and is going to positively influence all who listen. If you connect with Josh’s story and feel like you need or want help overcoming suicidal thoughts please dial the number I’ve provided below. There are people who can and want to help. Hugs!

Show notes: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255, OverComing You Podcast, Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week, Feeling Good (Book), Calm App, Peptalk App, Laughing Yoga, Support Misfits and Rejects on Patreon, Get a Misfits and Rejects T-shirt or Tank

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