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Misfits and Rejects

A podcast about the lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs and adventurers.

M&R Episode 142: Meet artist, entrepreneur Ryder Biolos.

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In Episode 142 I sat down with Ryder Biolos. She has been working as a painter designing patterns and unique images on surfboards for professional surfers and other interested parties. At seven she intuitively new to negotiate the purchase of her first iPad and at thirteen is working on leveling up her equipment to progress her business and artistic skills. Enjoy!

Show notes: ArtByRyder Instagram, SurfProgressionTechniques.com, PerfectYourPopupandLearntoTurn.com, Inquires about online surf instruction contact Chapin@surfprotechniques.com, Support Misfits and Rejects on Patreon, Get a Misfits and Rejects T-shirt or Tank

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