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M&R Episode 128: Max and Jack who are thirteen and fifteen talk about growing up on the road and settling in Vietnam.

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In Episode 128 I sat down with Max and Jack Brewer-mccabe. Max in fifteen and Jack is thirteen and they’ve basically grown up on the road traveling around the world with their parents. The family has decided to settle in Phong Nha Vietnam cutting ties with Australia where they’re all from. I love meeting and getting to know families like this. Max and Jack are so switched on to the world. Through the adventures they’ve had, the discomfort the open road can provide and the constant conversations these boys have with the many diverse people they meet has really shaped them into well round gentleman. Their daily routine is similar to many kids and they love their video games but theirs live are so rich in experiences that would be impossible to have if the family had sayed in Australia. Have a listen to hear their perspective about life on the road and settling in Phong Nha. Enjoy!

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