Misfits and Rejects


Misfits and Rejects

A podcast about the lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs and adventurers.

M&R Episode 030: New update on Chapin's move back to Nicaragua and designing his life as a digital nomad


In Episode 30 I give my regular ten episode update on my life style design to become location independent from work. I've moved back to Nicaragua to continue pursuing my online business ventures. You'll get to hear about the upcoming episodes that are keeping me super inspired to continue on as well as my interest in hearing from you....my audience. Enjoy!

Show notes: chapin@misfitsandrejects.com, SurfProgression Techniques, Episode 25 (Legend), Episode 26 (Judd Dunham), Episode 27 (John Eames), Support MIsfits and Rejects on Patreon, Get a Misfits and Rejects T-shirt or Tank

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